What is this page?

This is a chance for all Canadians to step up as democratic peace-builders by contributing to a bill on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Your ideas will be used to draft the Nakba Bill, which I'll table in Parliament as a private member's bill. You can contribute by adding your ideas and voting on ideas from others. Check in periodically throughout the discussion to see the best new ideas and help steer the conversation.

Several discussions will happen on different topics:

  •  Feb 23-25: How can Canada ensure a just peace in Israel-Palestine?
  •  mid-March: 1st sub-topic (TBD)
  •  late March: 2nd sub-topic (TBD)
  •  early April: 3rd sub-topic (TBC)
  •  May 15: target to table Nakba Bill in Parliament


How does it work?

This page uses Polis: a tool for large democratic discussions. As you vote on comments, you'll appear in an “opinion group” with others who vote similarly (others don't see your votes). Then, a "consensus algorithm" finds and elevates comments that are supported by all opinion groups.

Polis gives everyone an equal chance to persuade the crowd on the merits of their ideas. Quality is favoured over quantity, so even one great comment can end up as a top consensus idea.

Polis also gives everyone an equal part in shaping group opinion by favouring consensus over slim majorities. Your unique perspective will have a real impact on the results, and the more you vote, the more you'll help the group find consensus ideas.


Why does it matter?

We think Canadians are ready to live up to our reputation as peace-builders. We've waited too long for the government, the Prime Minister, and elected officials to do the right thing. It's time for Canadians like you to make it clear how Canada should act on the world stage.

This is also an early step towards a New Democracy. Democracy is about more than choosing between other people's ideas, it's about governing ourselves together, and that requires discussing and deciding on issues together. New technologies can help us build a new democracy where everyone has the power to shape their own lives and society.