For over a decade, Matthew Green has championed the working-class values of the people of Hamilton Centre. 

From his civic beginnings in local community-based organizing to his first election, which earned him a municipal seat at the Hamilton City Council table in 2014, he has grown alongside his community into his current federal role as the Member of Parliament representing Hamilton Centre, where he was first elected in 2019 and re-elected in 2021 for the New Democratic Party of Canada.  

As a proud New Democratic Socialist and the NDP’s spokesperson for Labour, Employment, and Workplace Development, MP Matthew Green is deeply rooted in working-class community activism. His organizing principles seek to centre the communities most impacted by policy decisions. Matthew’s work includes broad-based coalition building alongside social, climate, and economic justice groups, First Nations, tenant, and social assistance rights groups to help improve the quality of life for those fighting for justice and struggling to get by. 

By protecting universal human rights, advocating for democratic economies and workplaces, climate justice, and demanding safe and dignified housing for all, Matthew Green believes in a future for Canada where all people are valued regardless of their income, employment status, or area code and where all forms of work are respected with dignity and fair compensation - and most importantly, he invites you to join a growing movement of New Democrats across Canada fighting to make that happen.

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