Decriminalization saves lives

Decriminalizing simple possession of drugs is a healthcare issue

The current approach is criminalizing simple possession. It has ripped families apart and destroyed the futures of so many.


We are losing people to the overdose crisis in Canada every single day.  

Over the last six years, 25,000 Canadians have lost their lives in overdose-related deaths.

Experts have shared that for many the primary barrier to calling 911 is a fear of criminal charges – people are dying because they are afraid to ask for help.  

It’s simple – decriminalization is the right thing to do so those who need emergency help can receive the love and support they need.

Jagmeet Singh and New Democrats support taking a healthcare approach. The Liberal government must stop criminalizing simple possession and instead offer people struggling with substance abuse the help they need without fear of arrest.  

Join Canada’s NDP in telling Justin Trudeau to stop criminalizing possession.