This competition will open Fall 2022. Stay tuned for further information about submission deadlines, prizes, and more! 


What is the Create Your Canada Contest?

Create Your Canada is an opportunity for students in Matthew's riding to submit their ideas for a new federal law that would make Canada  -  or the world  -  a better place.

This is your chance to help guide Canada into the future you’d like to see.

By filling out the submission form, your idea will be entered in the contest.

We will select the best idea and draft it into an actual Private Member’s Bill (a real piece of federal legislation). More information on 

Best of luck and thank you for doing your part to create a better Canada for everyone!


Submission Guidelines

Entries can be submitted either individually or as a team of two. Only one entry per team will be considered.

Preference will be given to submissions that fall under federal jurisdiction.

To be eligible to win you must be a grade 11 or 12 student at a school in Hamilton Centre. 

The link to the submission form for the contest will be available once the contest goes live. Please review and complete each section of the form.


Resources for Teachers

The PDF document below helps teachers in a variety of subject areas with ideas on how to incorporate the CYC contest into their planned curriculum.

  Fitting CYC into your curricula



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