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Traffic Conversion of Wentworth Street – Delaware Street to Barton Street

Residents are invited to a community meeting to review drawings and plans for the conversion of Wentworth Street from Delaware Street to Barton Street, from one-way (Southbound) traffic to two-way traffic in 2016. City Council has directed staff to prepare plans and drawings to convert Wentworth Street to two-way traffic … Read More

Topic: Infrastructure, Traffic Calming

Water and Consumption

Have you had an abnormally high water bill due to a leak? Would you like to update your plumbing and/or protect your home from basement flooding due to sewer backups? If you answered yes to either of these questions, please utilize the services we have in place to financially assist these issues. Read More

Topic: consumption, grants, plumbing program, water

Municipal Programs

Municipal Programs Success begets success, and Hamilton’s environment, people and work ethic attracts a significant pool of new businesses, all aligned with Hamilton’s economic development programs and keep our city on a positive economic trajectory. Below is a comprehensive list of the incentives and programs offered by the City of … Read More

Topic: BIA, brownfields, business improvement, downtown, ERASE, financial incentives, grants, heritage, LEED, renovations