Move Together Ward 3

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Thinking ahead


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Labour Council endorses Matthew Green in Ward 3


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Thank you we're almost there.

We're only $3k from our goal of raising $10k by the end of the July. Thanks to you, we've found our campaign office at 471 King St. E!

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We can win Ward 3, but we need your help!

Thank-you so much for your incredible support so far.  

Since our campaign launch in April, we've knocked on hundreds of doors in our ward, hosted a fantastic community BBQ in the Lucy Day neighbourhood and raised over $10,000.

But the next phase of the campaign is a crucial one. With only 18 weeks left until election day on Oct. 27th, we need to mobilize the 125+ volunteers who have signed up and get them knocking on doors. We need to print flyers and lawn signs, rent a campaign office and kick our campaign into high gear. 

We have set an ambitious goal of raising another $10k in the next three weeks, and we're already half way there. 

Momentum is on our side.

Your donation will help pay for crucial campaign expenses and enable us to focus the next four months doing what matters most: knocking on doors and meeting our neighbours.

Thank You,

Matthew Green

Your candidate for Ward 3 City Council

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Exercise Your Democracy

 Exercise Your Democracy

Join us every Wednesday in Gage Park for a free, community cardio class. 

Walk / run / jog and chat about local politics. 

Bring family, friends, children, pets. All welcome.

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Get to Know Matthew Green

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Launch Speeches

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Matthew Green Intro Video

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Campaign Launch

Campaign launch banner

Save the date! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014, 2-5pm
Essence Banquet Centre
422 Barton St E., Hamilton, ON, L8.2Y6 

To RSVP, please register at the event page.

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